Culture in Kansas City: The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Exhibits, Studio Experiences, Movies, and Mini Golf!

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If you're a Kansas City native, then hopefully you have visited, or are at least aware of one of the absolute highlights of the city in the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. If you've driven anywhere near the building, it's definitely hard to miss with the impressive columns and beautiful stone architecture, and that's not even mentioning the giant shuttlecocks dotting the surrounding grounds of the museum. What makes this museum so special is not only the wonderful exhibits located inside, but all of the additional features and experiences they offer for their visitors.

Current and Upcoming Exhibits at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The exhibits at the Nelson are constantly being rotated to provide more opportunities to view diverse styles and types of art, and here is where you can find all of the current, upcoming, and past exhibits. Of the exhibits that are currently available for viewing, the American Art Deco: Designing for the People exhibit, and the Signs: Photographs by Jim Dow exhibits are particularly notable.

The Art Deco exhibit showcases objects that exemplify the style that was popular between WWI and WWII, where technological and product advancements enabled a style that attempted to look forward into the future. Along with showcasing these objects, you can further explore and understand the Art Deco style by joining the studio experiences offered alongside the exhibit.

Signs: Photographs by Jim Dow showcases photos taken by Jim Dow during his time journeying down American highways, and photographing and documenting signage located alongside these highways. His photographs document the difference in commercial and advertising tastes through the years, and the effects of passing time on the signs portrayed throughout his photographs. The Nelson is also hosting an artist talk and book signing with Jim Down on September 30th from 6 - 7 pm.

Studio Experiences at the Nelson

Along with viewing art exhibitions throughout the museum, the Nelson offers you the ability to get creative yourself through multiple types of studio experiences. Some of these opportunities are paired with exhibits, like the Art Deco experiences mentioned above, while others are standalone experiences incorporating various art forms throughout the museum. You can view these experiences, pricing, and availability on the Nelson-Atkins website.

You can also register for free weekend activities that are perfect for getting the kids out of the house, and igniting that creative spark within every child. Here is where you can view all of the dates and activities available for free over the weekend.

Movies Under the Stars Through September

For the second year in a row, the Nelson is showcasing movies on the grounds of their property, where you can purchase tickets to reserve your own "pod" to watch that night's movie. Each eight-foot pod can seat four people (five if the fight is a child under three years old), four tickets to the movie, as well as museum admission, and garage parking for up to two cars.

If you would like to learn more about the movies and available tickets, you can view their website to check out the movies coming up in August and September, and view the FAQ for any questions.

Mini Golf With an Artistic Flair

As if the Nelson didn't offer enough for visitors to see and do, they also have a mini-golf course on the grounds where each hole is related to a work of art located in the museum's collection. Tee times are required to play and are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once you've finished putting your way through the nine-hole course, you can enjoy admission to the museum included with every mini-golf ticket purchase.

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