Woodland Oaks: How to Prevent Scope Creep

Tips on Keeping the Construction of Your Home on Track

Tips on Keeping the Construction of Your Home on Track

If you’ve ever built a new home before, or you work on big projects at work or elsewhere, you might have heard of the term, “scope creep”. Scope creep refers to when changes to the scope of the work on a big project, like building a new home, are made while the build is underway. Scope creep can happen all throughout a project, but typically happens after there has been a significant amount of planning or work already done or underway. In today’s blog, we’ll provide a couple of quick tips on how to avoid scope creep when building your new construction home!

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Create a Solid List of Goals

One of the best ways to prevent scope creep during your new home’s construction, is to write down a clear set of goals before construction even begins. Get together with anyone who will be a part of the home-building process, and decide what is absolutely essential for you, and what maybe isn’t. Having a clear set of goals that describe both what you want in your home, and what you are okay not having, will help prevent scope creep in the future.

Visit Other New Construction Homes

Now that you’ve done your research and created your list of goals, it isn’t a bad idea to go out and visit some available new construction homes on the market. Visiting finished new construction homes can give you a great idea of whether that feature you thought you absolutely needed in your new home, is actually what you want. Want to tour one of our Woodland Oaks builder’s homes? Contact us today to schedule a private showing!

Create Your Budget, and Stick to It!

With your goals solidified after visiting some homes, it’s time to create your budget. This is a step where working with your experienced home builder, and your specialized new construction agent can really help out. They will be able to inform you about what certain items and features will cost, and help you choose a budget that gets everything you want in your home, and for the best price possible! Once you’ve finalized your budget, it’s important to make sure to stick with it as the project proceeds to avoid the potential for scope creep.

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Communicate With Your Homebuilder

Throughout the entire homebuilding process, it is absolutely vital that you stay in communication with your homebuilder. You will want to make sure that they are aware of all of your must-haves in your new home, and they will help guide you through the process and make sure that those must-haves become a reality in your new home!

Work With an Experienced Woodland Oaks Builder!

Finally, one of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to make sure that you work with an experienced and professional homebuilder. Here at Woodland Oaks, our homebuilders are among the best custom home builders in the entire Kansas City area, with decades of new construction experience, and a track record of building dream homes for their clients. If you want to view available lots, or view our builder’s floor plans, make sure to visit our website today for more information, or call us at (816) 268-4033!

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