Woodland Oaks: Home Upgrades - What to Add Now, and What to Add Later?

Structural Changes, Cosmetic Changes, and More!

Woodland Oaks: Home Upgrades - What to Add Now, and What to Add Later?

It’s an extremely exciting time when building your new home. You’ve pored over floor plans, picked your builder, and are moving forward with building your brand-new dream home. At this point in the building process, you are probably diving head-first into the world of home upgrades! In today’s blog, we cover some home upgrades you will want to prioritize in the build process, and which can wait until later.

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Structural Changes & Square Footage

Adding on square footage in your home or making major structural changes are home upgrades that are going to be significantly cheaper during the build process than if you were to do them after the home has been completed. Additionally, major home upgrades like structural changes are disruptive, and take a considerable amount of time to complete, and could potentially require you to move out of your home temporarily.

Cosmetic Changes

On the other hand, cosmetic changes like delaying the paint job of the home or switching out light fixtures after you have already made your selections are upgrades you should consider waiting to do further down the line.

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Additional Electrical Components

Now, if you want to add additional light fixtures or outlets, it’s important that you communicate with your builder that you would like to have those completed early in the build process. It is substantially easier to perform electrical and wiring work during the building process rather than having to hire someone to do it after the home has been completed.


While you might think it is important to get your landscaping done during the building process, it is actually more worthwhile to get your landscaping done later during the building process, especially as you don’t want to risk having your beautiful landscaping damaged during the building process.


If you want to change out any of the flooring in your home, like adding hardwood floors in the bedrooms or marble flooring in your home, you’ll want to communicate that with your builder as soon as possible, as these upgrades can prove to be more expensive the further down the line they are added.


When building in Woodland Oaks, our builders use some of the highest-quality appliances available. If you are looking for an absolute top-of-the-line appliance, it could be worthwhile to wait until later to choose to upgrade your appliance(s) and still enjoy a high-quality appliance from your Woodland Oaks builder.

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