When The Home You Are Selling Turns Buyers Off

Things That Can Discourage Buyers From Considering Your Home

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We all want to believe that the home we are selling is close to perfect. That it has just the right amount of appeal to people who want to purchase a home. We envision a long line of deep-pocketed buyers at the door just waiting to put in an offer. The reality is, that a home for sale, even a seemingly perfect home, will not appeal to everyone. In fact, there are particular features that will not only discourage buyers from moving your home to the top of their "want" list, but will downright turn them off from even considering it at all. The good news is that most of these top repellant things that turn buyers off can at least be fixed, or avoided altogether. 

So what kinds of issues would make a buyer head for the hill or to make an offer on the house for sale next door? Read along to find out!

Curb Appeal

There are studies that say that a buyer pulls up to your home and isn't immediately intrigued by its curb appeal, that they may not even get out of the car to give it a second chance. Be sure the front of your house is tidy: lawn mowed, landscaping trimmed up, walkway clear of debris. A colorful pot of flowers and a clean doormat on the front step gives off a cheerful hello and welcome to hopeful buyers. Pay close attention to anything that could help draw your potential viewers out of the car and into your home.

Obvious Damage

Outside - there should be no visible signs of damage: wood rot, peeling paint, etc. Inside, stains on the ceilings or cupboard doors that stick or fall off their hinges, etc. Anything that screams "this house has deferred maintenance" is an immediate turnoff to buyers. No one wants a project list before they sign the paperwork. Be sure to give your home a once-over and address any immediate issues before it hits the market. 

Carpet Stains

This line item speaks for itself. Do your home a favor and rent a steam cleaner or get your carpets professionally cleaned before putting it on the market. This will make your wall-to-wall look fresh and clean, and will help with any potential odors that may be trapped inside the carpet fibers.

Non-Neutral Paint Colors & Wallpaper

We've all seen homes that are literally painted every color of the rainbow or have wallpaper borders. A home full of rooms that need to be painted or covered in dated wallpaper can make potential buyers feel they have work to do in the home before they even move in. While it is fine to have strong, taste-specific wall colors while you are living in your home, a more neutral palette will appeal to more buyers, and your home will feel like a fresh slate for them to make their own marks. 

Bad Lighting

Light and bright. These are the top words on a potential buyer's wishlist. Sunlight helps increase your brain's release of the hormone serotonin, which in turn, elevates your mood. In short, a sunny home is also a happy home. Open the window shades, and replace any light bulbs that are burnt out. Also, before every showing, be sure to put the lights on in every room. People feel like an intruder if they have to feel about for a light switch from room to room. Welcome them with open arms and a clear, lighted path. Help potential buyers see your home in the best "light" possible.

By following these few simple guidelines as to what to avoid in turning off potential buyers to your home, you will give your home its best foot forward to the housing market. You wouldn't show up to a first date wearing wrinkly unclean clothes and expect to make a good impression, would you? You would take pride in your appearance, and prepare for your date carefully. When you are putting your home on the market, you are asking potential buyers to take your home on a first date, to see if they see themselves committing to a relationship. Coveted homes have a much shorter time on the market and secure higher prices than ones without attention given to detail, and thought given before putting them on the market. Give your home the best chance possible to be "the one" a buyer fights for. 

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