What Does the U.S. Average Home Price Get You in the Kansas City Area?

Examining Available Homes in the $400,000 - $450,000 Price Range

$400,000 - $450,000 Homes in Lee's Summit, Overland Park, and More!

Trying to figure out how much home you can afford is a tricky thing.  We may fall into the trap of wanting more house than we might be able to afford. Blame it on HGTV, House Beautiful Magazine, or the lure of the Target home department, a good number of us are attracted to new, beautiful, things. This translates into the desire to have a move-in-ready type home, which let’s face it, is not always possible, no matter your budget.

There is also the question of affordability. One of the worst financial traps is to be “house poor”.  Even being late, or missing one house payment, can set you up for a financial disaster that will take you years to recover from. Therefore, an affordable mortgage is certainly key. Most lenders would like you to keep your housing expenses at or under approximately 30% of your gross income - what does that look like to you? Want to know what you may be able to afford in the way of homeownership? Through a no-obligation buyers consultation, our experienced buyer agents can help connect you with a reputable lender, and help you evaluate how much home you can afford.

The average home price in the entire United States is $416,000.  What does that translate to in housing in our area? Does it give you all the bells and whistles, and move-in-ready features that you are looking for?  Let’s take a look at what $400,000 to $450,000 can get you in our communities around Kansas City.

Want to know what your home is currently worth in today's real estate market?  We have that information here.   

Kansas City Community Comparison - Price Point: $400,000-$450,000

Lee's Summit

21 Properties
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Blue Springs

12 Properties

Grain Valley

35 Properties
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2 Properties

Kansas City

74 Properties
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2 Properties

Overland Park

7 Properties


1 Property


8 Properties

If you are thinking of moving, and have questions in regards to your ability, budget, or the home buying process, the Ask Cathy team can help you.  We can answer all of your questions, help you weigh out the pros and cons, and provide guidance on lenders and other resources.  Simply put, we are here to help.  Schedule your no-obligation consultation with our team today, and see if moving either now or in the future is right for you!

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