Tips for Keeping Your Mail Organized

If you are as busy as we are, you probably have a pile of mail sitting around – bills, greeting cards, magazines, value mail envelopes with the slips of offers I plan to use (never), and a shower of credit card offers.

Here is the #1 Tip the organizing experts over at say is the secret to decluttering your mail……drum roll, please………Never let your mail land on a flat surface in your home.

Wait-What?!  That's it? Yes!

Here are a few more tips from The Ask Cathy Marketing Group:

Tip #1: Never let your mail land on a flat surface in your home (this is great advice by

Tip #2: Set up bins or trays labeled: Important (i.e. Papers to Keep/Read Later), Needs Action (i.e. Bills to Pay), Magazines/Catalogs to keep.

Tip #3: Open all mail and categorize each piece when you first touch it.

Tip #4: Recycle any pieces you do not want to keep right then.  Do not put it down anywhere in your home. Put it straight in the recycle bin.

It is a wonder how we end up with so much mail clutter in such a tech-savvy world, but we do so take care of it by using these tips and you won't have mail clutter ever again.

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