Quick Snacks and Crafts for Halloween!

Easy Crafts and Snacks for Halloween!

The Ask Cathy Team has compiled a few ideas to commemorate the Halloween Season!  These crafty creations and delightful desserts are just the thing to put you into the Halloween mood with a whole lot more treat than trick!  These ideas are a GREAT alternative if you are looking to skip the whole "door to door" outing in the nighttime air, and looking to enjoy something fun right at home!  

Included Crafts and Treats are: 

  • Coffee Filter Bats (Craft)
  • Monster Marshmallow Pops (Treat)
  • Spooky Spider Plants (Craft)
  • Skeleton Cupcakes (Treat)
  • Paper Plate Ghosts (Craft)
  • Bubbling Witches Cauldron Cookies (Treat)
  • Pretty Paper Pumpkins (Crafts)
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies (Treat)

We hope you enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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We hope that you found these ideas just as fun as we did, and that everything turned out just BOO-tiful! 

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