Newsletter Exclusive: Haunted Locations in the Kansas City Area!

Places To Get Spooked During the Summer

Who said you have to wait until the Fall to enjoy some ghost stories or check out haunted locations around Kansas City? Especially when some of these locations allow you to visit and see for yourself if the stories are true before they get packed in October. Continue reading to check out some of the most haunted places around the Kansas City area, and learn more about their supposedly paranormal history!

Wornall House

Sallie House

Sauer Castle

Glore Psychiatric Museum

John Wornall House: Spirits of Civil War Soldiers 

This supposedly haunted Kansas City location was built in 1858, shortly before the start of the Civil War, where it would gain its reputation for being haunted. During the Battle of Westport, the house would be converted into a field hospital initially for Confederate soldiers, and then later Union soldiers once the Confederate Army had been driven out of Kansas City. In the years that followed, and even to this day, employees and guests will report occasional sightings of the ghosts of soldiers appearing throughout the house, and occasionally a strong smell of tobacco filling rooms of the house. Finally, the spirit of the late Eliza Wornall, John Wornall's wife who died in the home is said to be seen roaming the halls and standing in front of the windows on occasion. 

The Sallie House: Kansas's Most Haunted House? 

This house in Atchinson, just an hour north of Kansas City is supposedly the most haunted house in Kansas. The paranormal activity supposedly started near the turn of the century, after the house was built and an Atchinson physician started his practice in the house. One night, the doctor was attending to a patient, a 6-year-old girl who was suffering from intense abdominal pain. Unfortunately, the physician couldn't save her, and she passed away in the operating room located on the first floor of the home.

Rumors of the house being haunted continued ever since, but picked up significantly in 1993, when the house was rented by a young family, a husband, wife, and their newborn baby. Soon after moving in, they noticed that their dog was acting oddly, growling at seemingly nothing. Eventually, fires would start to break out in the house, the operating room would become noticeably cold, and the husband would feel scratches on his chest and abdomen. Ever since these events, paranormal investigators have visited the house, and noticed signs typical of a haunting, including equipment failure, moving objects, and the mysterious coldness inside of what used to be the operating room. Want to visit the house yourself? You can schedule self-guided tours, and even stay at the house overnight!

The Sauer Castle: Ghost Lights in the Watchtower 

Then we have the Sauer Castle, and what is unique about this property is that you could actually buy it on the market today, if you have $10,000,000 lying around that is. We covered this historic property a while back in a blog discussing the history of the home itself, but saved the rumors for this newsletter exclusive. There have been many rumors floating around about the supposedly haunted elements of this property, including that members of the Sauer family, the original builders and occupants of the castle are interred on the grounds, when in actuality many members of the family are buried in the Union Hill Cemetery. 

Another common rumor and legend surrounding the house is the presence of "fires" or "ghostly lights" emanating from the prominent watch tower, and even that the ghost of Mary Sauer can be seen walking past the windows of the home late at night. There is also a legend that a former owner of the property murdered his entire family, and then himself on the property, and that the pained souls of the departed haunt the grounds, this is not supported by any evidence, however.

It is also important to note that the current owner of the privately owned property has come out against any and all rumors or legends of any kind of paranormal activity on the property, and has urged people not to trespass or vandalize this historic Kansas City property. 

The Glore Psychiatric Museum: "State Lunatic Asylum No. 2" 

Located an hour north of Kansas City in St. Joseph, this facility, formerly labeled as "State Lunatic Asylum No. 2" was a mental hospital that opened in 1874. At the time of its opening, our understanding of how to deal with people suffering from mental illnesses was severely lacking, and our methods of helping these patients were nothing short of torturous in many cases. The asylum was later converted into a museum by George Glore, who began collecting and showcasing various items and equipment that were used to treat those with mental health issues in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. This is when the tales of ghosts, shadowy figures, and paranormal activity began.

Staff began to report feeling watched even when in empty rooms, and seeing apparitions and ghostly figures roaming the halls of the former mental asylum. One of the most common apparitions and paranormal voices has been noted to occur in the basement of the building, where the morgue was located. Visitors to the facility have reported seeing a male apparition, that is accompanied by a male voice telling visitors to "Get Out", which sounds truly terrifying.

Want to check out the haunted tales yourself? You can schedule a "Ghost Hunt" of the property through Ghost Hunts USA!

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