New to Lee's Summit? How to Get Involved

New to Lee's Summit? We want you to feel welcome and find friends and your "tribe" or community as quickly as possible. Whether you are an extrovert that jumps right in or an introvert that likes to hang back and observe for a while or somewhere in the middle, these are some great options for finding your fit in Lee's Summit.New to Lee's Summit? How to Get Involved

Community Centers and Libraries

Lee's Summit Parks & Recreation: The local community centers often host various events, fitness classes, and social gatherings that are great for meeting new people. Check out the Harris Park Community Center or Longview Community Center for activities.

Mid-Continent Public Library - Lee's Summit Branch: Libraries often have book clubs, educational workshops, and community events that can help you connect with others who share your interests.

Book Clubs: There are several in Lee's Summit. Here are just a few ways to reach out - The Book Club Events by Meet up, the OVERBOOKED Book Club, and the Book Groups at the Library.

Local Clubs and Organizations in Lee's Summit

Local Clubs and Organizations

Rotary Club of Lee's Summit: Joining service clubs like the Rotary Club can provide networking opportunities and a chance to contribute to community projects.

Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce: They often host networking events, business mixers, and community activities where you can meet local business owners and residents.

MOPS of Lee's Summit: Let the kiddos play while you enjoy some adult time and conversation with other mothers of preschoolers. 

Fitness and Recreation in Lee's Summit

Fitness and Recreation

Gyms and Fitness Classes: Places like Better You Fitness and Genesis Health Clubs offer group fitness classes, personal training, and social events.

Sports Leagues: Participating in local sports leagues, whether it's adult softball with the Jackson County Parks, soccer, or a running club, can help you meet people with similar interests.

Cultural and Arts Centers

Lee's Summit Symphony Orchestra: Attending performances or volunteering with local arts organizations can connect you with others who appreciate music and culture.

Summit Art: Join local art groups or take art classes to meet fellow art enthusiasts. (Check out their food and wine festival below)

Local Events and Festivals in Lee's Summit

Local Events and Festivals

Downtown Lee's Summit: The historic downtown area frequently hosts events like farmers markets, music festivals, and art fairs. Attending these events can be a fun way to socialize and meet new people.

Annual Festivals: Events such as Oktoberfest, Downtown Days, and Christmas in the Park are popular community gatherings where you can make new friends.

Other Festivals going on include:

Religious and Spiritual Groups in Lee's Summit

Religious and Spiritual Groups

Local Churches and Spiritual Centers: Many churches offer social groups, volunteer opportunities, and community service projects. Churches such as Abundant Life and Lee’s Summit Christian Church are known for their active community involvement.

Community Groups:  Live your best life with others who share your values. Check out the community groups at the Lee's Summit Community Church to get involved with others.  Abundant Life also has singles groups and Singles First Saturday with different themed nights and fun events. 

Volunteer Opportunities in Lee's Summit

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Organizations: Volunteering with local nonprofits like Hope House or Lee’s Summit Social Services can help you give back to the community while meeting like-minded individuals.

Pets and Animals: Places like the KC Pet Project and Animal Control are always looking for volunteers and you can really find someone that shares in your love for our four-legged family members.  Paws 4 Autism and the Kid's with Courage Foundation are also great options. 

Educational Classes and Workshops

Lee's Summit R-7 School District Community Education: Offers various adult education classes, from cooking and art to technology and wellness, which can be great places to meet people.

Visit the Lee's Summit Community Happenings Facebook Page for all events and things going on for those that live and play in Lee's Summit. Of course, if you have any questions or would like to add to this list, please reach out below and let us know! 

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