How to Tour the Kansas City Parade of Homes

Good news! The Kansas City Parade of Homes is in full swing and with new guidelines, people are able to tour homes safely and efficiently.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The Kansas City parade of homes runs June 13th-28th, 2020. All homes on the tour are open from 11 am-6 pm daily and admission is FREE.
  • While taking part in the 2020 Spring Parade of Homes, safety measures to protect the general public are important. As an attendee of the event, we ask that you follow these guidelines:
    • Stay home if you are potentially sick. Attendees are responsible for not attending if they are, or maybe, infected with the COVID-19 virus or have been around any infected person(s). It is suggested that those with compromised immune systems or other vulnerable populations not participate in-person. Instead, please consider downloading the KC Parade of Homes mobile app and/or view homes via the “Home Search” function below to participate virtually. Scroll down for links to download the mobile app.
    • Check the status of a home on the mobile app/website before visiting. While parade homes are typically open during the advertised dates and hours, this parade will allow for homes to be closed to the public subject to the discretion of the builder and their representatives, in order to maintain a reasonable level of safety for themselves, parade attendees, and the general public. To access up-to-the-minute information on the status of an individual home, please download and utilize the KC Parade of Homes App.
    • Contact the builder or realtor before visiting a home. If you have any questions about the accessibility of a home or are uncomfortable making in-person visits, please utilize the contact information listed for homes you are interested in to receive more information or to inquire about an appointment.
    • Children urged not to attend. Due to the inclination of children to touch surfaces, we ask that you consider attending without children.
    • Maintain social distance at all times. Maintain 6' social distancing guidelines while waiting to enter the home, while talking to those working in the home, and while touring the home. This may mean you need to wait to enter a hallway or a room until others ahead of you have left the area.
    • Do not touch. Refrain from touching surfaces and handles in the home.
    • Bring your own PPE. Consider bringing your own face mask to wear while in the home. Some homes may require them to enter. Please consider calling ahead of your intended visit to learn more.
    • Shorten home visits. Consider limiting your time within a home to 15 minutes in order to improve the flow of traffic.
    • Bring hand sanitizer. Sanitize hands prior to entering and immediately upon leaving a home.

    As guests in these homes, it is the responsibility of every attendee to adhere to the protocol and instructions provided at each home. Ignoring or otherwise violating property rules may result in the necessary closure of a home from public access. Your interest in the event is greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy the tour while still being mindful of the current health situation we find ourselves in.

How to Tour Like a Pro

Download the Kansas City Parade of Homes App

Download the user-friendly mobile app from the Google Play or Apple Store. Using the app, parade-goers can save their favorites and then map a customized route to each home. The app also provides the most up to date information about the home.

Ask Questions 

Each home is staffed by a representative who knows the property inside and out. Have a question about the flooring in the bathroom? Don’t be afraid to ask! The representatives also can help you find new construction homes within your budget and can recommend homes and neighborhoods to check out.

Take Notes 

After you have toured a few homes, features and ideas start to run together. We recommend keeping notes in a small notebook or note-taking app on your phone.

Look at Design Trends & Ideas Your Could Implement in Your Next Home 

New construction homes are a great way to find out the latest trends in home design. The parade is a great opportunity to get ideas for your home OR ideas for the home you want to build!

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