How to Choose the Best Floor Plan For You

Quick Tips on Picking the Best Home Floor Plan For You

Best Way to Determine the Perfect Floor Plan

How to Choose the Best Floor Plan For You

When you start to think about building a custom home, one of the first things you might start to do is look online at home floor plans that interest you. It is certainly a fun aspect of the home building process to try and imagine you and your family’s lives inside of the basic floor plan outline, imagining what your new day-to-day would look like, and if a certain floor plan is the right one for you! In today’s blog, we’re going to cover some of the best ways to determine if a certain floor plan is right for you, and some tips on making sure that a floor plan accommodates all of your needs in your brand-new custom home!

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Writing Down Your Must-Haves in a Home

This one might seem fairly obvious, but it’s important to realize that writing down your must-haves in a home is a fantastic way of eliminating floor plans from contention that might not have everything you need for you and your family. If you are completely married on a certain type of layout, or features in your kitchen, etc. then writing down those features and using those as a determining factor can help you save time as you go through the multitude of available floor plans.

Choosing a Home Layout

It is vital that when you are examining a floor plan, you pay particular attention to the layout of the proposed plan. Note whether the plan is an open floor plan, what the groupings of rooms look like, and how easy it is to move from room to room. Is the office/study too close to your front entry? Is there a mud room that you enter from the garage, or is the kitchen too close to the powder bath? Make sure to consult your list of must-haves as well to make sure that the layout of a home isn’t going to conflict with any of those needs, and you’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect floor plan!

Measure Your Furniture and Check the Floor Plan Measurements

You may have already taken care of a part of this step when writing down your list in the first step of this blog. If one of your must-haves is the perfect amount of space for your cherished sectional in the living room, it’s important to make sure that any potential floor plans accommodate the sectional, or it may be time to part ways with the sectional itself! If you have any furniture you’re worried about fitting into your new home, or if they are going to be the right fit for the space, take a couple of measurements to make sure, and you could potentially save yourself time down the road.

Make Sure to Consider Your Budget

While we hate to be a party pooper when it comes to picking your floor plan, it’s important that you are always keeping your budget in mind when looking at potential floor plans. Certain floor plans could come with additional costs depending on any features included in floor plans, so it’s vital that you create a budget at the beginning of the process, and stick to it throughout the entire custom home-building process.

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Talk to a Reputable Home Builder and Tour Model Homes

After following the steps outlined above, you should have a narrowed-down list of potential floor plans that work for you and your family. A great next step is to reach out to some of the reputable home builders whose floor plans you are looking at, and meet them at one of the model homes of the plans if possible. Seeing a floor plan online versus actually walking through it in person is a big difference, and seeing that difference is vital to your success when picking the right floor plan. Talking with the builder is also a great way to make sure that they are going to put your goals and needs in a home as the top priority during the building process. If you want to schedule a private showing of one of our Woodland Oaks builder’s model homes and talk with any one of our seven builders, reach out to our specialized Woodland Oaks new construction agents by filling out the contact form below!

Consider Any Potential Customized Options

Once you’ve talked to the builder, and have decided on a potential floor plan, it is a good time to start talking about what options can be customized in the floor plan. If you have some changes you would like to make to the layout of the plan, maybe move a kitchen island around, or alter a bedroom, talking to your builder after choosing one of their floor plans is the best time to do it.

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