How Buying or Selling During The Holidays Can Work For You

Advantages of Buying or Selling During the Holidays

Popular to contrary belief, homes still sell during the holidays. It is a common myth that no one moves during the Holiday season due to spending time with families or just the overall “busyness” of the season. The fact is that the holidays are actually an EXCELLENT time to buy or sell, and we will tell you why!

People are Serious

  • People need to move at all times during the year, whether due to employment or familial circumstances. Moving people need homes. You may have a home to sell. This is a match made in heaven.
  • Serious buyers are out there looking. You will find there are fewer "browsers" and more actual buyers looking at homes during this season of the year. These buyers could be under pressure from a particular deadline they are facing such as the end of their lease, or relocating to the area, so they have a particular time frame in which to secure and buy a home. Serious buyers mean serious contracts.
  • Less competition, for both the buyer and seller. Now, at first, this may seem like a bad thing, but in actuality - it is very good. For the seller, this means less competition, which means more buyers are likely to actually step foot inside your home to consider it for purchase. For the buyer, less competition means that if you have been missing out on buying a home up until now due to the sheer number of buyers in the buying pool, the good news is that with some buyers taking time off for the holidays, you could have a prime opportunity to enter a less crowded market. 

Your Home Looks Great

The holiday season is a wonderful time to showcase your home's attributes. Chances are it is decorated for the holidays, and gives off a particular warmth during this time of year, that just bellows "Live here! I am perfect for hosting your friends and family!" Homes illuminated in soft lights and holiday decor are particularly charming. If you are a Christmas person, chances are, your curb appeal is off the charts, in the positive sense. Potential buyers start to picture themselves in your home having their own holiday celebrations. That is quite the marketing tool, and one waiting to be capitalized on.

"Waiting for Spring"

This is a real thing. In general, the tendency for a lot of home sellers is to put off selling their homes until the weather is warmer, or well after the first or second month of the year. By doing so, you could miss out on the perfect buyer for your home that is looking to buy now.

In the spring, or when the real estate market hits a bit of a frenzy, more and more homes will be put on the market. Homes that could be very similar to yours. Homes that will be in direct competition with yours. Homes that could be chosen over yours.

By putting your home on the market before the big spring rush, you may not have to worry about your home being eclipsed by a similar home up for sale right around the corner.

What the Future Holds

We can speculate all we want about rates and market conditions, and with research and experience we can give a good idea of what is to happen in the months ahead, but to be honest, no one knows for sure. What we DO know is what the current market is like now and what the interest rates are like now, and we know how to market and pivot for each market as it comes along, including this one.

The Ask Cathy Marketing Group has been in business for over twenty years, and our agents have decades of experience under their belt. We have over 200 5-star Google reviews that highlight our professionalism, our expertise, and our ability to come through for our clients, no matter what the season. Whenever it is your time to move, we are ready for you and ready to do the best for your home, or to find you the perfect home for where you want to live, and most times both! We know what it takes to sell your home in any market, in any season. All of our resources and all of our research will be at your disposal. Give us a call so we can plan your holiday home season. 

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