Housewarming Gifts for Newlyweds and Other Homebuyers!

Great Housewarming Gifts!

Perfect Gift Ideas for Newlyweds or Any Other New Homebuyer!

June is here and it is prime wedding season!  June is also a very popular month for homebuying.  

Hot on the heels of their weddings, many newlyweds also think of purchasing a home either right away or in the near future, and what better way to embrace this goal of theirs - than to gift them something that pairs nicely with that ideal?

Many newlyweds or new homeowners already have an established household before getting married, it is getting more difficult to find a gift they don’t already have. Gift registries reflect a more practical side which is a significant departure from how it used to be years ago when a common registry item was a china service for 8 or 12.

More and more of today's couples look for convenience and practicality over all though everything isn’t focused on being frugal either. Luxuries in everyday life like eating out, more frequent vacations, and high-end electronics are all more commonplace in today’s society.

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If the newlywed in your life have just recently purchased a home, or are looking to purchase one in the near future, you might be on the lookout for a thoughtful and unique housewarming gift. Purchasing something that they may not have thought of themselves. So what do you get a newlywed or a new homeowner to honor their milestone move?  Here are some suggestions!

Personal Touches

Give the Gift of Time

No one likes the physical act of moving, and let’s face it - no one likes to ask for help, but certainly when offered it is greatly appreciated.  An offer to help someone pack, unpack, or to lug boxes on the actual move day can be a welcomed offer. Even if not redeemed, says to the recipient  - “ I am willing to help you, you are important to me”.  If you can’t physically help move, the offer of providing pizza and drinks for the rest of the moving crew would certainly be a help as well.

Give the Gift of Talent

Are you a superb painter, skilled carpenter, or landscaper with a green thumb - these handy services are also very welcome. No matter how “move-in ready” a home is, there is always something to do or to improve.  Even for tasks such as helping to hang pictures, install shelving, or help rearrange furniture - all may be greatly appreciated.  If you have the gift of organization or home decor, offer to help with helping get things settled.

Give the Gift of Experience

If you are a homeowner there is a good chance you’ve used the services of plumbers, carpenters, carpet cleaners, electricians, landscapers, pest control, or a number of other contacts that are helpful to a homeowner. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of frogs to get your prince, the same thing can apply to finding service people that you trust.  This kind of information is invaluable to a new homeowner who will want to make financially sound decisions from the get-go, and not want to waste time hiring the wrong people.  If the new homeowners live in the same general area where you have used these services, compiling a list of all the services and vendors that are in your virtual Rolodex would be a welcome gift.

As many people are pressed for time, or may not live close by to whomever they are gifting, the easiest and most efficient gift you can offer could be one of these suggestions.  In fact, a lot of new homeowners appreciate gifts that they can use at their convenience, and when needed. These options can also be appreciated at any time of year as well and even if they have owned their home for quite some time.

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Home Services

Yard Cleanup / Lawn Service / Landscaping

Moving into an unfamiliar home can sometimes reveal challenges with overgrown yards, or even plantings that need extra care and attention.  A yard cleanup can help with taming an unruly yard, a lawn service with taking a chore off their “to-do” list, or if they don’t currently own a lawn mover.  A landscaping service can help give a yard a fresh look and reflect the personality of the new owners.

Cleaning Service

Moving into a home with a nice clean appearance is something every homeowner should experience.  Even if a home “looks” clean, is it really?  Having a cleaning service give it the full once over, would certainly put a new homeowner's mind at ease, and let them get right to unpacking.  Even if they have already moved in, having someone do a deep cleaning on occasion can be appreciated.  Having someone come in to clean is not their thing?  A gift of a Roomba or another cleaning gadget can provide round-the-clock cleaning service at their convenience.

Professional Organizer

There are people that truly have a gift of giving everything a place, having everything in its place, and then there is the rest of us.  Give your favorite homeowner the gift of an organizer who can help them get their home or a particular area of their home like the pantry, kitchen, closets, playroom, garage, or basement under control.

Meal Delivery / Meal Prep Service

People are busy. Having a ready-made meal service or even fresh food prep service delivered right to the door can help give new homeowners one less thing to worry about when they come home.  Food services range from heat and eat, to easy prep to table in less than 30 minutes.  There are also many services that accommodate particular dietary needs as well.  There are MANY options available, here are just a few:

Gift Cards

Everyone appreciates a gift certificate. Even though some people may look at it as an impersonal approach to gift giving, this provides an opportunity for your homeowner to get exactly what they want, and what they need, what could be more perfect and personalized than that?

Some popular and useful gift certificates are:

  • Home Improvement stores for paint, home improvement supplies
  • Home decor stores, furniture store, and antique stores for furnishing and adding personal touches to their home
  • Club memberships like Costco, Sam's Club, etc. can help purchase basic needs in cost-effective quantities
  • Dinner Gift Certificates for their new area of town. Help them explore their new neighborhood and support their local vendors
  • Local garden center to help them add beauty to their new yard

In closing, the perfect gift is any gift that you are able to give the new homeowner in your life. The fact that you are thinking of them and want to add to their joy in any type of way is something that is definitely appreciated.

Do you know someone who is on the cusp of a big life change like getting married, switching jobs, or just wanting to make a change of neighborhood?  Another valuable gift you can give them, is to direct them towards a trustworthy, reliable, and experienced Real Estate team that can help them move towards their dream of homeownership, and treats them like family every step of the way. That team is the Ask Cathy Marketing Group, and we would love to meet them!

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