Easy Easter Crafts and Snacks

Fantastic Easter Snacks & Crafts For the Whole Family!

Easter has certainly snuck up on us this year, or at least this is how we feel!  It could be because the nicer weather has been slow coming to our part of the region, and now that we have had a few glimpses that spring may possibly be here, it is time to get ourselves in full gear to spend time with family and friends this Easter weekend!

Since time is indeed short, we kept it short and simple for you to be able to prepare any one of these, as quick as a bunny!  We found some fun and creative tasty treats and some SUPER easy, yet adorable, crafts to delight those young ones, or those who are young at heart!  

Our snacks feature both savory and sweet, and our crafts need only a few basic materials that you most likely have on hand already.  

Included in today's blog: 

The Snacks

  • Easter Bunny Pretzel Treats
  • Peep Skillet S'Mores
  • Cinnamon Sugar Bunny Twists 
  • Stuffed Crescent Roll Carrots
  • Mini Baby Chick Cheese Balls 
  • Pudding Pie East Baskets
  • No Bake Chocolate Bird Nests

The Crafts

  • Egg Carton Flowers
  • Paper Bag Bunny
  • No Sew Sock Bunny
  • Handprint Lilies
  • Peek-A-Boo Clothespin Easter Eggs

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