Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal space where you go to relax and refresh your soul. So why not make sure that when anyone walks into your room, they feel the same relaxed, good feeling that you do.

We have some tips to help transform your bedroom into your sanctuary AND be proud to show it off.

Tip #1: Decluttering Your Space.  

It's well-known that decluttering your bedroom helps relieve stress and anxiety.  Simple is better and it's easier to keep clean.

  • Go through your room with a trash bag and get rid of anything you don’t use/wear/need anymore. Create a “keep”, “donate”, “and throw away” pile
  • Invest in storage that doubles at decor such as wicker baskets, cute shelving units, & bookcases.
  • Get drawer dividers. You can utilize your drawer space more by investing or creating dividers for your drawers. With drawer dividers you can keep several items that are vaguely related together in an organized way.

Tip #2: Use Mirrors.

If your bedroom is small and you want to make it look bigger, place mirrors in your room.  Hanging mirrors allows you to bounce light from windows and create the illusion of more square footage.

Tip #3: Use different types of lighting.  

Choose a mix of lights. Add lamps to an overhead fixture with table top lamps and floor lamps to create a softer look. When guests are visiting, turn off the overhead light and use only lamps for that softer look in case they wander in.

Tip #4: Add brass accents.

This will not only give your room an expensive look, but it will add warmth and elegance to your room.

Tip #5: Layer your bedding with colors and pillows.

The key here is to create a plush and inviting look with different layers, shades, and textures.  High-end sheets really do give the luxury feel. Try using different size pillows to create the layer effect.

Tip #6: Update Your Headboard.

It is cheaper than a complete bed.  Just an upholstered headboard will transform your metal bed frame into a luxurious and inviting bed. No need for the foot board.

Tip #7: Paint Your Ceiling.

A light color will not only give your room a fresh, new look but will also give it a ‘pop' factor that will make the room look larger.  Try one shade lighter than the walls with a high gloss finish.

Happy decorating!

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