Woodland Oaks: Busting New Construction Myths!

Learn More About the Process of Building a New Construction Home

Common New Construction Homebuying Myths

When looking to buy a new construction home, you more than likely have TONS of questions to make sure that you are making the best investment possible for your future. With that in mind, in today’s blog, we wanted to dive into some of the most common misconceptions in the new construction industry, and debunk some of these new construction home-buying myths!

An important step in homebuilding, is choosing your homesite.  Want to see the lots available in the new luxury neighborhood of Woodland Oaks? There are 42 homesites planned for this community.  

New Homes Are More Expensive Than Resale

Yes, the median price of a new construction home is higher than the median price of a typical resale home, but there are other factors to consider than just the initial price. When you purchase a new construction home, you have a significantly lower chance of having to pay for pricey home repairs, like a new roof, furnace, or AC. Typically when you buy a new construction home, you receive a warranty that covers any costly and unforeseen repairs, like a brand-new roof.

It's More Difficult to Finance a Brand-New Home

Another extremely common myth in the new construction industry among homebuyers, is that a new construction home is always going to be more difficult to finance than a typical resale home. It is true that a typical new construction home will require a larger down payment, but there are also specialized new construction loans that can help you finance your dream home. Additionally, financing a new construction home is made far simpler when you are working with an experienced lender who has financed new construction homes before. Our Woodland Oaks Trusted Lenders have decades of experience in the mortgage lending industry, especially in new construction home loans. Contact them today to talk more about your options!

New Construction Homes Limit Your Design Choices

When it comes to your new construction home in Woodland Oaks, your design choices are not limited to a handful of options at best, which could be the case if you are building a spec home in another community. Our builders pride themselves on their relationships with their homeowners, and on building a home that truly meets the needs and desires of their clients!

You don't have to be limited in your design choices in the neighborhood of Woodland Oaks.  Each of our 6 amazing builders has a number of choices for you.  Want a custom-built home designed for you?  They can do that too! 

New Construction Homes Take Too Long to Build

Similar to the myth above about the median price of a new construction home, this myth has some validity to it, but it is important to consider other factors. Building a new construction home will certainly take longer to move in than if you were to buy a resale home, but home builders will typically begin construction on one of their floor plans before they have a buyer, meaning you can add in your finishing touches, and skip a good portion of the waiting time!

Working With a Builder is Exhausting

The idea that working with a custom home builder is a pain, or exhausting, is what can happen if you work with a builder without the necessary experience or reputation. When you work with an experienced builder, your builder should keep you updated throughout the entire building process, and should stick to the design choices and finishes you have both agreed on. Our builders at Woodland Oaks have decades of experience in the home building industry, and make sure that their clients experience a process that puts their wants and needs at the forefront of the home building process.

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With any luck, we’ve hopefully put to rest some of your potential concerns of building a new construction home, but just in case, always feel free to contact a member of our team with more questions! Our specialized Woodland Oaks agents can answer any questions you may have, and provide more information on building a new home in the newest luxury neighborhood in Lee’s Summit! Contact us today by filling out the form below, or by calling us at (816) 268-4033!

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