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Taking A Look At the Kansas City Chiefs Regular Season

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For all the Chiefs fans here in Kansas City, it's about to be the best time of the year. The Kansas City Chiefs kick off the regular season this weekend and hope to march all the way to another Super Bowl at the end of the road in February. In today's blog post, we cover all of the opponents that stand in the way of another potential Super Bowl appearance, and predict the Chiefs' record. The road to the Super Bowl is certainly going to be challenging, as the Chiefs have the toughest regular season schedule according to Sharpe Football Analysis.

Week 1: @ Arizona Cardinals (Sunday, September 11th @ 3:25 CT)

The Chiefs start their regular season out in the desert of Arizona against the Cardinals in State Farm Stadium, where the Super Bowl will be hosted early next year. This game has the potential to be a shootout, with both teams boasting an explosive offense. Kyler Murray, the starting QB for the Cardinals will be without one of his most potent weapons, however, as DeAndre Hopkins, his star WR, will be out of the game due to a suspension for PEDs. Expect a high-scoring game that has the Chiefs coming out on top on the road.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 1 - 0

Week 2: vs. Los Angeles Chargers (Thursday, September 15th @ 7:15 CT) 

As mentioned earlier, the Chiefs have one of the hardest regular seasons of any team in the NFL this year, and that is shown early with the Chiefs having to play one of their most competitive games of the year on a short week against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers have a ton of talent on both offense and defense, with Justin Herbert slinging the rock on offense, and Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack testing the Chiefs offensive line on the edge. Add Derwin James to the mix causing havoc in the secondary, and this game could end up being a real challenge for the Chiefs early on in the season. With the game being at home, however, the Chiefs have a slight edge, as they have the offense to match, a defense that has a healthy mix of veterans, and promising rookies that will hopefully manage to hold their own and improve as the season continues.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 2 - 0

Week 3: @ Indianapolis Colts (Sunday, September 25th @ 12:00 CT)

Week 3 sees the Chiefs on the road, facing a team in Indianapolis that very well could compete for the AFC South Division title. The Colts have a great backfield with breakout star Jonathan Taylor, and with seasoned pro Matt Ryan at quarterback, anything is possible. That being said, the emergent Colts more than likely won’t be able to stand up to the overwhelming offense the Chiefs should bring, even without the blistering speed of Tyreek Hill stretching the field. The Chiefs should win this one in a game that the Colts keep within 2 touchdowns. 

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 3 - 0

Week 4: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Sunday, October 2nd @ 7:20 CT)

During the summer, this game could have been chalked up to a somewhat easy win for the Chiefs, and then Tom Brady decided to un-retire, in a move that was lamented by almost every fanbase in America apart from Buccaneers fans and Patriots fans that still love him. With the arguably greatest player of all time back on the roster, this is a game that presents the biggest challenge of the season thus far for the Chiefs. Playing in Tampa Bay, and against a team that also shares aspirations to make it to the Super Bowl, this very well could be the first game of the season that the Chiefs lose. While Tampa Bay has some injuries on the offensive side of the ball, they still have an incredibly talented team overall, and the Chiefs' potent offense more than likely won’t be enough to take them over the top. 

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 3 - 1

Week 5: vs. Las Vegas Raiders (Monday, October 10th @ 7:15 CT)

One of Kansas City’s most bitter rivals, the Las Vegas Raiders, enter Arrowhead for a Monday Night Football matchup. The Raiders upped their offense in the offseason, signing Davante Adams, a superstar WR away from the Packers to pair him up with his old college teammate and current Raiders QB Derek Carr. While Las Vegas is a very good team and could surprise some teams throughout the year in some upsets, don’t expect this matchup to go their way. The Chiefs should defend their home field in a convincing win against the Raiders.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 4 - 1

Week 6: vs. Buffalo Bills (Sunday, October 16th @ 3:25 CT)

In a rematch from the absolutely thrilling playoff game last year that saw the Chiefs walk away with the victory, the Bills return to Arrowhead stadium for what will most likely be the most watched game of the week. In yet another matchup against a team with championship aspirations, this is a game that the Chiefs could end up losing at home, as hard as that would be to swallow. Josh Allen is a superstar, and has the weapons at WR to gouge a Chiefs defense that proved last year that it could not keep up with the overwhelming firepower of the Bills' offense. The Chiefs will more than likely end up walking away with a better understanding of where they need to be as a team in order to keep their Super Bowl dreams alive.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 4 - 2

Week 7: @ San Francisco 49ers (Sunday, October 23rd @ 3:25 CT)

In Week 7, the Chiefs hit the road to face yet another team from last year’s playoffs in the form of the San Francisco 49ers. This year, however, the 49ers are starting Trey Lance at QB, in what could be a very boom or bust decision for the team. The QB has shown flashes of greatness, but is it enough to lead a 49ers team that is brimming with talent, particularly with Deebo Samuel playing a hybrid position of both wide receiver and running back. Overall, the Chiefs should win this game on the road, with an offense that will likely still be adjusting to their new QB.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 5 - 2

Week 8: BYE WEEK

Week 9: vs. Tennessee Titans (Sunday, November 6th @ 7:20 CT)

Coming off of a much-needed bye week after an incredibly competitive first 7 games of the season, the Chiefs face the Titans at home. The Titans will be the other team competing for the AFC South Division title against the Colts, who we predicted would get beaten by the Chiefs earlier in the season. If they want to have any hope of getting there, they will need Derrick Henry to be as dominant as he has been previously in order to have any hope of securing the division title. As far as the game against our Chiefs goes, the Titans should put up a good fight, but ultimately lose to the Chiefs in Arrowhead. 

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 6 - 2

Week 10: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (Sunday, November 13th @ 12:00 CT)

The Jaguars are one of the not-so-great teams in the NFL, even considering some impressive wins last year, one of which was against the playoff-hopeful Colts, which ended up bouncing them out of the playoff spot most believed they would secure with a win in Jacksonville. Don’t expect this fate to befall the Chiefs, as they will hopefully put the Jaguars away early for a decisive win in Arrowhead. 

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 7 - 2

Week 11: @ Los Angeles Chargers (Sunday, November 20th @ 3:25 CT)

In the second matchup of the season against the Chargers, the Chiefs head out on the road to face them in yet another difficult matchup. Both teams will have the film to look at from the previous matchup, but this time the Chiefs will be playing the Chargers in their house, giving them the edge. Hopefully, our prediction is wrong, but it is likely that the Chiefs end up losing a close one in Inglewood.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 7 - 3

Week 12: vs. Los Angeles Rams (Sunday, November 27th @ 3:25 CT)

In Week 12, the Chiefs take on the defending Super Bowl champion Rams in Arrowhead. This game will almost certainly be a shootout, with both Patrick Mahomes and Matt Stafford throwing for a ridiculous amount of yards to their wide receivers. The Rams do have a very potent defense, with Aaron Donald wreaking havoc in the middle, and Jalen Ramsay anchoring the secondary. Having this game at home will be an immense help to the Chiefs, so if you are planning on attending this game, make sure to do your part and make Arrowhead as disruptive as possible when the Rams offense is on the field! As long as that happens, the Chiefs win this game in a close one at home.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 8 - 3

Week 13: @ Cincinnati Bengals (Sunday, December 4th @ 3:25 CT)

For some Chiefs fans, this might be the game of the season you are looking forward to the most. A chance to redeem the two losses of last year against the Cincinnati Bengals. Not much has changed for the Bengals, Joe Burrow is still leading the team, and Ja’Marr Chase is still stretching the field. The key for the Chiefs is their defense, by this point in the season, the hope is that the younger players on defense will have started to gel and that the defensive unit as a whole is cohesive. If veteran defensive lineman Chris Jones can provide consistent pressure on Joe Burrow, the Chiefs can pull off a huge road victory. 

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 9 - 3

Week 14: @ Denver Broncos (Sunday, December 11th @ 7:20)

This year’s first matchup between the Chiefs and the Broncos will be very different than years previous, as former Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is now leading the Broncos' offense. At this point in the season, a win against a division rival is crucial, and with a revamped offense, the Broncos could be in the mix competing against the Chiefs and the Chargers for control of one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL. Being at Mile High Stadium, this game could be somewhat of a toss-up, which could lead to the advantage going to the Broncos being at home. The Chiefs should keep this game close, and maybe even come out on top, but for our preview, we will, unfortunately, have to mark it as a predicted loss.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 9 - 4

Week 15: @ Houston Texans (Sunday, December 18th @ 12:00 CT)

After what should be a close loss in Denver, the Chiefs get an easy rebound game against a Texans team that really struggled to compete last year. The Texans' roster has not improved an incredible amount since then either, with the #3 pick of the Draft, Derek Stingley Jr. being the only significant upgrade the Texans have added. The Chiefs should win this game handily, and move on to Week 16 with a win on the road.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 10 - 4

Week 16: vs. Seattle Seahawks (Sunday, December 24th @ 12:00 CT)

Similar to the Texans game, this is somewhat of a break game for a Chiefs team that will be battered from the stiff competition throughout the season. Iron sharpens iron, however, and the Chiefs should be able to handle a depleted Seahawks team fairly easily before heading into two crucial divisional games to finish off the regular season.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 11 - 4

Week 17: vs. Denver Broncos (Sunday, January 1st @ 12:00 CT)

This time when facing the Broncos, the Chiefs will have plenty of film to analyze Russell Wilson and the Broncos offense, including film from their matchup three weeks previous. More importantly, the Broncos have to come into Arrowhead and win. The Chiefs should redeem themselves with a solid win over a divisional opponent, and depending on where the Broncos and Chargers are at record-wise, stand alone as the division leader. 

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 12 - 4

Week 18: @ Las Vegas Raiders (Sunday, January 8th @ TBD)

To close out the regular season, the Chiefs head out to Sin City to face the Raiders one last time. When looking at the teams in the AFC West, it’s clear that the Raiders are the odd one out, and the Chiefs will hopefully illuminate this fact by collecting a win on the road against the Raiders to make their regular season record an extremely solid 13 - 4.

Predicted Chiefs Standing: 13- 4


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