Celebrating National Cocktail Day!

Fun & Creative Cocktail Recipes!

National Cocktail Day is now upon us, which also comes just in time for fresh spring weather. As a nod to this day, which truthfully, we did not know actually existed until now (but are ever thankful that it does), the Ask Cathy Marketing Team has put together a list of fun and delicious tasting (and delicious LOOKING) cocktails. You are cordially invited to either enjoy them by yourself or mix a batch up for refreshments at your next gathering. 

The “Fizzy Jellybean Rum Cocktail” comes just in time for your upcoming Easter shindig, though maybe don’t let grandma have too many. Don’t forget to tell the kids they are off-limits as well.   

There is even one that uses butterfly pea flower, which allegedly is good for you, though we wouldn’t necessarily replace going to the gym with drinking one of those.  

These drinks are sure to be the talk of the town, with their vibrant colors and whimsical appearance. We hope you will enjoy this special menu of special libations, which are sure to lift your spirits, as you are lifting some spirits!  Cheers!


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