Ask Cathy Client Appreciation Day: Pumpkin Patch 2023!

Recapping All the Fun At Our Latest Day at the Pumpkin Patch!

We love our clients! More so, we love to spend some quality time with all of them! So this past October weekend, our team hosted our annual Pumpkin Patch Client Appreciation Event at Faulkner's Ranch!  Even though the weather was a bit damp and chilly, over 500 of our extended Ask Cathy Family - past, present, and future came out to enjoy the fun!

We've included some of our favorite photos below, but make sure to check out our recap video below as well!

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Check-in is always fun as we get to catch up with those we haven't seen in a while!  Sometimes hugs are definitely involved! 

Always at the ready with answers to every question is our VP of Operations, Alicia Hodges, pictured here with Senior Agent, Darlene Peterson, and Listings Manager, Sarah Cox.  

Shelly Rampetsreiter, VP of New Construction and Listing Specialist, did an incredible job as our official greeter and head check-in person! 

Faulkner's Ranch would not be complete without seeing all the kiddos.  We look forward to seeing each and every one of our future "Ask Cathy" clients! 

Our clients know us well, we ALWAYS have the snacks at our events! Wink  

VP of the Buyers Division, Mike Hodges, telling the tales of home buying! 

Racquel Flora, our newest Listing and Buyer Specialist, invited all of her happy clients to enjoy the festivities! 

Josh Farmer is also a great addition to our Ask Cathy Buyers Team, and the pumpkin patch was his first Ask Cathy event! 

Senior Agent and New Homes Specialist, Allison Lackey was the perfect fall picture in her cozy flannel and hat with a smile that warmed up everyone! 

We love taking pictures with our clients!  Seeing everyone's smiling faces is one of the reasons we LOVE our job! 

Shelly and Allison, our FAVORITE Ask Cathy sister duo! 

Buyers Agent Angie Gonzalez took this opportunity to get a great group shot, that included Senior Agent, Darlene Peterson. "Everybody say Pumpkin!" 

Cathy and Listings Manager, Sarah Cox bid you "Until next year!" Thank you to all of our extended Ask Cathy Family who came out to have fun at the farm with us.  It is truly a pleasure to spend a fun day with all of you!  Do we have your current email and phone?  Make sure we do so that we can invite you to our next Client Appreciation event!  Connect with us below! 

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