3 Things to Know About New Construction

Buying a newly constructed home provides some exciting options that may not be available to you when purchasing an existing home such as picking the exact floor plan, kitchen cabinets, bathroom features, and flooring.  However, it can also create some additional challenges such as choosing the right builder, finding a solid community, and that your home will be ready when you are.

Here are the top three things we recommend when building a new construction home.

Choose Square Footage and Location Over Upgrades 

Think about how you want to spend your budget. You can’t change your home’s location, however, you can always upgrade the flooring later.  Apply that logic to other choices as well. If you’re choosing between a fourth bedroom and granite countertops, you probably should choose the extra bedroom, which is much more expensive to add later. In that first house that you buy, buy as much space as you can, and worry about upgrades later.

Research the Community

Start by researching the community in depth. Look closely at the subdivision and the location. Spend time driving through the community and talking to neighbors if you can. Visiting the neighborhood is a great way to not only find out about the quality of homes but also how the homeowners association operates, whether people like the schools and information about the commute.

You don’t want the home of your dreams in an area that’s a nightmare for you – whether that’s because your commute to work is too long, you don’t like the schools or there’s not great internet service out in your picturesque rural setting. These are things you need to know going into the purchase.

Work with an Ask Cathy Agent 

“I got my dream home because I used an experienced Ask Cathy agent who understood the market where I live,” Meghan C. told us. Her agent was quick to notify her when homes in her preferred neighborhoods went on the market. “We were always the first ones to see the houses because my agent was so on top of things!” If you're not working with a high-octane agent who's got what it takes to close the deal on your new home, now is the time to reach out to us!

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